Research Goal

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The long-term goal of our research is to understand the neuronal basis of visual object recognition and attention. We use single neuron recording in non-human primates engaged in object recognition tasks and Event Related Brain Potential (ERP) recording and psychophysical techniques in human and non-human primates to investigate the neural correlate of visual object recognition, visual attention and perceptual learning. We have shown that injection of a small amount of electrical current into clusters of face neurons in the inferotemporal (IT) cortex results in a shift in the monkey's choice in a face/non-face discrimination task. Also we have discovered that animate object category structure is represented in the response pattern of IT neuronal population. Other findings from our lab show that IT neural response latency is used to code category information. Recently, we have found that attention exerts its effect on perception by phase-locking of low frequency oscillatory brain potentials with neural evoked responses of the behaviorally relevant stimulus.

We hope that our studies contribute to a deeper understanding of the neuronal mechanisms that underlie cognition.


3rd Tehran IBRO School of Neuroscience, 2013

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IPM Vision lab co-hosts 3rd Tehran IBRO School of Neuroscience.
Prominent lecturers from Japan, Germany and Iran and 25 students from Malaysia, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Thailand and Iran participated in this event.